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What to do if you’ve been hacked

‘Hacking’ comes in many forms, the most common being a phishing attack where you have logged into a web site which looks legitimate but in fact is just a front to steal your login details. People may ring claiming to be from a large Company such as Amazon, and ask for your credit card details to stop a payment going through – they get your card details usually by asking for a few digits at a time, rather than the whole number in one go. Then you have the ‘Microsoft support’ representative who gets you to download software which gives them access to your PC, whereby they search your files for passwords and install malware which blocks your use until you pay them in Bitcoin. And these are just a few of the more common scams.

If you suspect that you have given any details to someone like this, or if you’ve downloaded anything suspicious from an email attachment, then turn off your PC and change any and all passwords and login details which may have been compromised, using a different device.