Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are presented to ensure our Clients understand both our and their responsibilities when purchasing services from us. We always work on the basis of a strong trust relationship with our Clients, and will do everything in our power to ensure a first class and uninterrupted service.

  1. Definitions
    In these conditions, the term ‘We’ or ‘Us’ refers to Mid Wales Internet; ‘Hosting Services’ refers to website hosting, database hosting, or email accounts; ‘Client’ refers to the individual or company that has purchased hosting services or contracted for website or software development from us. ‘Hosting Company’ refers to the internet service provider which maintains the physical web servers, hosts domain names, or contracts these services from another provider; ‘Assets’ refers to photographs, graphics, audio or video files, domain names, and all files that are used in a website, app or software package (excluding executable files, which are referred to as Scripts). Mid Wales Internet is a trading name of Nantinet Website Design.
  2. Guarantee
    Unless otherwise agreed, the initial support period is 12 months from service launch. Should the service experience downtime during the first 12 months, we will take all possible steps to restore it at no cost to the Client, either to the last backed up state, or to the original launch state depending on data integrity and whether the service has been modified by the Client. Should the Client decide to undertake this work themselves, they will do this at their own expense.
  3. Refunds
    If within the first 12 months of service we are unable to resolve issues which prevent the website or service from functioning as required to meet the original specification, providing such issues are not related to the use of third-party services or plugins, excessive bandwidth, or excessive disk quota consumption, we will refund up to 100% of the amount paid to us, less any hosting fees or other costs incurred by us such as subscriptions to third-party services.
  4. Variation of fees
    Hosting and domain renewal charges will only increase annually by an amount equivalent to the current APR of inflation, or by amounts charged by the hosting provider, whichever is greater. Where the hosting service requires higher bandwidth than is available on a standard hosting package, and where the Client agrees to this, hosting will chargeable on a per-GB bandwidth usage basis and the Client will be liable for all such costs. The Client will also be liable for any additional costs incurred through the use of data backup services, email delivery services, and other third party services, where applicable; this may apply to such things as video hosting, web site hosting, email marketing and mail forms, and data backup services.
  5. Liability
    All services are used entirely at the client’s risk. We accept no liability for losses, financial or otherwise, caused by or through the use of: the client’s website, any web or mobile apps or other software developed for the client, any eCommerce facility, or the use of email or hosting services. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any website, app or other software that we supply is suitable for their needs, and that they take all necessary steps to ensure any data is backed up. Where a problem is reported to us, we will resolve it as soon as possible but we can accept no liability for losses incurred during website or app downtime however caused. There will be no charge to resolve issues during any agreed support period, unless such work involves changing the web site, app or service from the original agreed specification, or making additions which were not agreed at the time of payment. Should the Client decide to employ the services of an IT consultant or specialist to resolve any issue, the Client will do so entirely at their own expense. We can accept no liability for any issues which may arise as a result of contravention of GDPR compliance rules (see section 6, below).
  6. Data Protection
    It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all data protection regulations are adhered to, and that all warning notices displayed are applicable to the service they are offering. Any GDPR compliance notices that we place on a website are not to be taken as legally correct, and should only be used if the client deems them suitable. Any advice we offer on Data Protection and GDPR compliance should not be taken as legally definitive, and only used as a guide in producing a compliance notice.
  7. Copyright
    All site content is copyright to the Client unless otherwise stated. Third-party software, plugins, photographs, graphics and theme designs may be copyrighted to the respective developers and used under licence. Where media is supplied by the client, it is assumed that the client has all relevant permissions to use said media and any copyright infringement is at the client’s risk. All scripts developed by us are either distributed under the GPL licence, or are deemed to be the property of the Client.
  8. Permitted use
    Where clients upload their own media, certain content may be deemed unsuitable by either us or the hosting company. If such content is uploaded, it may be removed without notice and / or the hosting services terminated. Content of a pornographic, profane or otherwise insensitive nature will be considered unsuitable.
  9. Completion of works
    We will endeavour to complete all work in any agreed timeframe; however, should we be unable to do so, and should a specific completion date have been agreed, either party may withdraw from our contract without penalty or payment providing written notice is given.
  10. Supply of Services
    Hosting services may be interrupted or terminated at our discretion under the following circumstances:
    a) If the client breaches the permitted use clause (above).
    b) If payment is not received in a reasonable time. When payment is outstanding, we reserve the right to limit hosting services or add ‘Under Development’ banners to websites or apps.
  11. Renewal of service
    It is the client’s responsibility to ensure payment for service renewals is made before services expire. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the client is invoiced in good time, and will only terminate services when payment is overdue. Services are normally invoiced one month prior to expiry. Upon the renewal date, services are normally renewed unless the client explicitly requests cancellation. The client will be liable for outstanding renewal fees for domain names and hosting fees if they decide to cancel after the renewal date. Hosting will be terminated 90 days after the renewal date, if payment is not received. Where domain names are not associated with a hosting account, they will be allowed to expire if payment is not made.
  12. Cancellation
    Hosting Services may be cancelled by the client at any time and without penalty. Irrespective of the reason given for cancellation, no refund of hosting fees will be made.
  13. Ownership
    All scripts and code which we develop is wholly owned by us until payment is received. Once payment is received in full, these items are made available to the client under a lifetime license and the client is free to use them however they wish. Assets such as photographs and videos may be subject to additional license restrictions depending on their intended use, generally these items are purchased from third-party vendors and cannot be resold by the Client.
  14. Transfer of hosting
    Should the client wish to transfer hosting services to another provider, there are no penalties or charges. The client will need to undertake all necessary procedures to transfer the site, no assistance can be provided with this aside from changing DNS settings or transferring domain names. Should the Client cancel hosting, no refund of hosting fees can be made.
  15. Payment
    Payment terms are strictly net 30 days of the invoice date. We reserve the right to add 4% per month to overdue accounts (although we never do). All cheques should be made payable to ‘Nantinet’. Receipt of payment does not constitute a contractual agreement, and payments which cannot be accepted for any reason will be refunded.
  16. Force majeure
    In the event of forces beyond our control, we reserve the right to terminate service and refund any hosting fees already paid. Should services be interrupted by unavoidable events, we will endeavour to restore service when and if possible.

These conditions apply to website hosting and development work undertaken by Mid Wales Internet. These terms are applicable from 1/4/24.
Mid Wales Internet is a trading name of Nantinet Website Design.